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Bodycams for LEO's won't change SNOT!

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

The entire country has been in an uproar over the spike in officer involved killings in recent years. The reactionary among us truly believe bodycam's will reduce the occurrence's of police misconduct, and excessive use of force, and to that I simple say "Snot".

There has been indisputable visual evidence of police brutality and misconduct from all across the country, and except for rare occasions, officers are hardly ever held accountable for their actions.

The reason officer's are not usually charged is a little tricky thing called police procedures and policy that is back up in law and legislation. This two factors give law enforcement what is called "Qualified Immunity", simply put, "Qualified Immunity" = "License to Kill ".

So, it doesn't really matter how many cameras or what resolution that bodycam might have, unarmed civilians will continue to die because officers have this "License to Kill".

In short, the only way to make officer's accountable is to eliminate the loophole that allows them to get away with murder, Qualified Immunity must be revoked, plan and simple.

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