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Gov. Parson's potential pardon of the officer convicted of manslaughter in the murder of Cameron Lamb "is a political action to subvert the rule of law" says Jackson County Prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker.  Read more...

"Someone Other Than the Police, Must Police the Police"

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To give outlet for overlooked victims and situations to be seen and voiced.


Create a network of support for those in need and those that have services to give.


Too often those missed connections cause people without support to feel the community does not care.


It's Time 4 Justice's purpose is not to become another organization, but to provide a central avenue to know where to go when you need help, and through this network find the help you need, quickly.


To erode the socio/political influence of the KCPD, and Lodge #99 of the National Order of Police that continues to perpetuate white supremacy and subjugation of Kansas City's Black population through excessive, brutal, and discriminatory policing  (M4BL)


Police usually investigate and decide what, if any, consequences their fellow officers should face in cases of police misconduct. Under this system, fewer than 1 in every 12 complaints of police misconduct nationwide results in some kind of disciplinary action against officer(s) responsible. Communities need an urgent way to ensure police officers are held accountable for police violence. Its Time 4 Justice. 

policy solutions

Establishment of an all-civilian oversight structure with disciplinary power and a Civilian Complaints Office with autonomy and powers as follows: 

* Be allowed to interrogate officers less than 24 hours after an incident where deadly force is used.

* Access crime scenes, subpoena witnesses and files with penalties for non-compliance. 

* Make disciplinary and policy recommendations to the Police Chief.

* Compel the Police Chief to explain why he/she has not followed a recommendation. 

Civilian complaint office

* Receive, investigate, and resolve all civilian complaints against police within 60 days. 

* Establish multiple in-person and online ways to submit, view and discuss complaints. 

* Be immediately notified and required to send an investigator to the scene of a police shooting or in-custody death. 

* Have the Police Commission decide cases where the Police Chief does not follow recommendations.



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It's Time 4 Justice

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Too often we see not only senseless violence, but also police brutality that too often when it comes to people of color ends in death.  The media only uses the story for a sound bite, but then what?

Well, It's Time 4 Justice!

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